Price of the Services

5.1. The transports and other services concerning the activity of the Forwarding agents are understood to be contracted according to the current rates applicable in the moment of engagement and within the limits provided in them. If there were no rates, the engagement will be carried out at the usual or market prices corresponding to the place where this has been made. The additional expenses caused by those facts or circumstances taking place after the engagement date or, in this case, after the issuing date of the documents, will be taken in charge by the users, as long as these expenses are properly justified and they have not been originated by the fault or negligence of any of those who have been involved in the supply of the hired services

5.2. The payment for all the expenses and services supplied by the Forwarding will be done in cash, except in previously agreed special conditions.

5.3. The Forwarding agent has the right of lien and/or cargo lien over the merchandises for all the amounts owed to him according to the services that have been commended to him. He will have the opportunity of defending his right by any of the means that he considers applicable and admissible according to the law. If the merchandises got lost or destroyed, the Forwarding agent has the same rights previously mentioned regarding the compensations paid off by the insurance companies, transport companies or others.