Notification and Prescription

6.1. The actions by losses, breakdowns or delays could not be applied if, at the same time of realizing the delivery, the corresponding reservations had not been formalized.

6.2. In the case of losses, breakdowns or delays occurred during the material execution of the transport, the protests and reservations will have to be formulated in the terms and conditions determined in the consignment notes, bills of landing, etc., or otherwise, in the terms and conditions established by the International Conventions regulating that specific transport modality.

6.3. All the actions related to the services provided by the Forwarding agent expire in a year, starting from the delivery of the merchandises to the addressee or from the day in which they should have been delivered.

6.4. Nevertheless, the prescription of the actions derived of the material realization of the different transport operations will take place in the time lapse indicated in the consignment notes, bills of landing, etc., or in this case, in the International Conventions regulating the different types of transport, and the prescription period will start depending on what has been established in those documents or Conventions.