Merchandise description

3.1. The Forwarding agent must be guaranteed that the declaration of the merchandise is accurate regarding its characteristics, description, marks, numbers, amount, weight and volume, considering the sender and/or addressee as responsible for any loss, damage, breakdown and/or penalties that the inaccuracy of the information given by those previously mentioned may cause to others, as well as those originated by an inappropriate, faulty or badly used packaging that may cause any damage to the merchandises or to the manipulation teams or means of transport, even though when such inaccuracies or failures appear in operations that have not been directly executed by the Forwarding agent, who will be compensated with the supplementary expenses that may be originated by such causes.

3.2. The sender must inform the Forwarding agent about the dangers of the merchandises given to him for their transport, as well as about the precautions that, in this case, should be taken. In case of omission or insufficient information, the sender will be held responsible for the damages caused by the merchandises, and the Forwarding agent will have the right to recover the expenses caused by this reason and will not be held responsible if the merchandises had to be unloaded, destroyed or neutralized, depending on the circumstances, and there will be no compensation.