General Provisions

1.1 With the issue of the expedition documents (Certificate of Receipt - FCR - Certificate of Transport - FCT - and Transit Contract - CT - ) the Forwarding agent confirms that he has received the merchandises mentioned in such documents to send them to their addressee according to the instructions received.

1.2. If there were no specific instructions, the Forwarding agent can choose the routes and the means and modalities of transport which, in his opinion, are the most suitable to carry out the transport and/or delivery of the merchandises in the best conditions.

1.3. The merchandises will be always sent at the sender's and/or addressee's own risk and the insurance will be covered according only to written instructions received from them.

1.4. In any case, the merchandises will be received, sent, forwarded, transported, loaded, stored, manipulated, delivered and, in this case, insured, according to the terms, conditions and limitations of those to whom the Forwarding agent has entrusted the material execution of each one of those operations.

1.5. If the consignee or addressee would not take charge of the whole or part of the merchandise, this will be deposited at the sender's, or the corresponding person's, own risk, according to the Law or, in this case, according to the procedures of trade observed in the place of delivery.

1.6. Storages will be done in official places, enclosures or storehouses in ports, stations and airports or in other private or public spaces, legally established or authorized to the forwarding companies or to those dedicated to storage.